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SteviaSugar is extracted from the stevia plant, which originated in South America, and Swedish sugar beet. The combination provides the calorie-free sweetness of Steviol glycosides with the full flavour of sugar. SteviaSugar is intended for consumers who wish to use less sugar but still enjoy the good properties of sugar such as good flavour and texture. A spoon of SteviaSugar is equivalent to a spoon of ordinary sugar, but only contains half the calories.*

* 1 dl of SteviaSugar has the same sweetness as 1 dl of ordinary sugar, but weighs half as much and contains 50% fewer calories.

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SteviaSugar, 500 g

Art. no.: 21012
Quantity per selling unit: 5 x 500 g

SteviaSugar is a mixture of sugar and steviol glycosides, the sweetening agent found in the stevia plant. It is two sweet substances of natural origin. SteviaSugar has a unique light structure which means that 1 dl of SteviaSugar sweetens just as much as 1 dl of ordinary sugar, but weighs only half as much, and therefore contains only half the calories.