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Icing Sugar

Icing Sugar is finely ground sugar for cakes, deserts, icing and decoration. The starch in our icing sugar is potato starch. Icing Sugar is used for decorating and sweetening desserts and baked products, including cakes, desserts, icing and frosting. It can also be dusted over cakes, desserts etc. as a decoration. Also available in an organic version and in a flavoured version.

Icing Sugar

Art. no.: 43200
Quantity per selling unit 12 × 500 g

Icing sugar is finely ground granulated sugar. Icing sugar is used for icing and decoration.

Organic Icing Sugar, 500 g

Art. no.: 43202
Quantity per selling unit 6 × 500 g

Organic icing sugar is based on organically cultivated granulated sugar. Organic sugar has been grown without the use of chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Natural fertilisers provide nutrients for the soil. Weeds in the fields are removed manually. 

Icing Sugar Chocolate, 300 g

Art. no.: 43718
Quantity per selling unit 8 × 300 g

Icing Sugar Chocolate is a flavoured product for making icing and adding flavour to baked goods etc.