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Dansukker - a consumer favourite

Since 2000, Nordic Sugar’s consumer products have been sold in Scandinavia and the Baltic under a single brand – Dansukker. In this market, which has roughly 30 million consumers, Dansukker stands for high quality and a broad product range. In our marketing activities, we place strong emphasis on inspiring our consumers and on developing our range of products in line with changing consumer habits. We offer locally produced beet sugar, but also offer cane sugar from countries such as Malawi and Paraguay. We have organic and Fairtrade-labelled products, and actively work to satisfy customers’ and consumers’ demands in areas including food quality, corporate ethics and environmental responsibility. Under the Dansukker brand, we also market a wide range of products for catering kitchens and cafés, restaurants and hotels 

Safe Sugar

Demands for food safety grow stronger every year. Nordic Sugar regards it as a natural duty to ensure that consumers and authorities can trust the products we supply. We have unique opportunities for achieving this aim since we work with the whole value chain – from sowing, cultivation and harvest to transport, sugar production, storage, packaging and final delivery.
Safe Sugar brochure