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Working at Nordic Sugar

At Nordic Sugar, we think it is essential to create a varied workday and plenty of opportunities for our staff to develop both professionally and personally. Every employee should feel that he/she has the possibility of achieving his/her potential and of growing with their job. That is why freedom with responsibility is a fundamental principle with us. Freedom gives room for influence and a meaningful job. We know that this is important for our employees, and we also believe that it generates the best results for our company.

Cooperation across

We have a long tradition of using dialogue as a key tool – both in our management style, colleague to colleague and in our relations with the surrounding world. Projects extending across borders, departments and specialties are an essential part of work life in a company like ours. Given our international scope, it is both a prerequisite for efficiently servicing our customers and the way to make the best use of our competences. We also see the interaction of colleagues with different professional and cultural backgrounds as an attractive opportunity for personal and professional growth. We therefore actively promote mobility across the entire company. With Nordic Sugar’s entry into the Nordzucker Group, our company has gained a new international dimension. 

Dedicated team

It seems you get a bit hooked on working with sugar. Today, Nordic Sugar is the leading sugar manufacturer in Northern Europe – a position that commits. Our employees manage and develop that responsibility every day with great dedication. The average Nordic Sugar employee has been with us for almost 20 years.

Flexibility and a readiness to change have, like never before, become key in the Nordic Sugar workday. We are seeing significant changes in and around our company. A new course has been set for the political framework regulating our industry, competition in our markets is rapidly increasing and we are a part of a new group structure. All those conditions place demands on our adaptability and also open up new possibilities for us.

Healthy environment enjoys

Working at Nordic Sugar should be healthy, safe and fun. That is a high priority and a responsibility we assume in unison in the company. The physical environment must of course be in order, but the mental wellbeing is no less important. Our tone is informal, and we strive to create room to celebrate our successes together. We can be even better at the latter.

For us, a healthy environment requires that we jointly safeguard the work-life balance. And we happily sprinkle the workday with a touch of social gathering through our clubs and associations.