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A strong network across national borders

Nordic Sugar has activities in seven countries throughout Northern Europe and the Baltics, and is part of the German group Nordzucker, with 3,200 employees and activities throughout most of Northern Europe. The international environment rubs off on the daily lives of the employees and on how they work. Both Patrik Carlgren and Olof Dahlgren can attest to this. They work at the Nordic Sugar factories in Arlöv (Sweden) and Örtofta (Sweden), respectively, and often use their international networks across the company to solve daily challenges:

“I benefit incredibly from my network, and it's a huge advantage to be able to ask colleagues in other countries for assistance or interacting with them on the challenges I experience. We can learn a lot from each other across the organisation, thanks to our different backgrounds and ways of doing things,” says Olof Dahlgren, who was recently made Head of Sugar Factory at Örtofta.

Inspiring colleagues

Patrik Carlgren, Logistics and Warehouse Manager at Arlöv, shares this experience. Having recently participated in a major in-house project involving the company’s many departments, he found that he benefited greatly on a personal level from being part of an international company:

“It’s been extremely inspiring for me to meet colleagues from other backgrounds and nationalities. It's given me entirely new perspectives on the way we work and think. One outcome of the large-scale, in-house project was that we really got to know each other, which is the best basis for cooperation,” he explains.

Direct dialogue is vital

So far, Olof Dahlgren has held seven different positions in Sweden, Austria and Denmark in the thirteen years he has been with Nordic Sugar. And he just started in a new position as Head of Sugar Factory at Örtofta. In one of his latest positions, as project manager responsible for follow-up on factory investments, he had many dealings with departments in a number of different countries, and he has made this dialogue a high priority in his work life:

“It's been important to me to build up good relations to all our departments and to have the opportunity to discuss current projects face to face with my colleagues in other countries. We can learn a lot from each other, and I think this often adds an extra dimension to the projects,” concludes Olof, who is now looking forward to new challenges as Head of Sugar Factory.